Frequently Asked Question about Metal Buildings

Q: Are Permits Required?

A: Every county varies. It is your responsibility as the customer to check with your county if any permits are required. With your order a set of Generic Drawings can be provided for every standard size up to 30’wide and 12’tall. You may also purchase Specifications and Calculations separatley IF required/requested by building department. Specifications and Calculations are NON REFUNDABLE once purchased. Generic Drawings are not available for Country Style barns, free standing Leans and Warehouses. Note: You will need to place the order in order to receive any plans. 

Q: Does the ground need to be leveled?

A: Yes, otherwise unit will be installed on land “AS IS”. Our installers will NOT do any ground work to the land so any ground work needed must be done before date of installation. If land isn’t leveled it will be up to you, the customer,  to fill in any gaps left in the bottom of the base rail. In most cases however; installers will not install your unit and a $350.00 restocking fee/return fee will be added to your order if we have to return once the site is level.

Q: Do I have to pour concrete? If so can you do the concrete?

A: Not necessarily, we can install on ground and asphalt as well. However; location of installation MUST be level upon arrival otherwise our installers will not install your unit. PMB Inc. is not resposible for ‘day loss’ of work. In addition a $350.00 restocking fee will be added to your bill for a return trip. We do not do any concrete foundation work.

Q: Is the deposit refundable if order is canceled?

A: If you choose to cancel the order of the structure, we refund the deposit to customers if the order was placed through/paid to PMB Inc. Otherwise, you have to go back to the dealer you paid it to.

Q: What do I need to do to get the order started?

A: We need a signature on the contract, the color selection for the unit, address and number(s) to contact your for installation dates and a 10 % down payment.

Q:What are your payment methods?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Checks, and Money Orders. We do not accept American Express.

Q: I’m getting ready to pour my concrete, what is the size you require?


a.)The Perimeter of the slab has to be minimum a “footing” or wider depending on buildings size (12”wide x 12”thick) and in the center of the slab the minimum required is 4”inches. The Slab size is required to be 6” wider and 6” longer than the size of your unit. For example, if your unit is a 12′ wide x 20′ long then your slab has to be 12’6” wide x 20’6” long. Those 6” are required to prevent the slab from chipping/cracking when anchoring the unit and to provide flashing (Provided on our Accessories).

b.) The  slab can be the EXACT size of the building, outside to outside. The perimeter still must be minimum a footing 12″inches wide x 12″inches thick or more according to building size. IF you decide to do the exact slab size as the unit, there is an extra charge for Welded “L” Brackets in the interior of the base rail to anchor unit from the inside as every anchor must be 4″inches away from the edge of concrete slab. To keep this option slab watertight units must also be quoted with extra sheet metal to have siding or ends come down past your concrete approx 2″inches past concrete to work as a watertight system.

Q:What is your turn around/Installation time?

A: Expect turn around time to last for 6-8 weeks as of July 1st 2018. This turn around time does not begin until you provide the 10% down payment and in most cases if going through the permit process those 6-8 weeks do not begin until your permit is approved. Weather conditions also determine installation dates, if weather conditions are not suitable expect delays until further notice.

Q: How much clearance is needed for installations?

A: If the unit is fully enclosed please take in consideration that our crew must be able to move around the entire sturcture with ladders and drill tools. A minimum of 3′-4′ is needed for work space. We require minimum 3′-4′ per side and end. If your unit is going to be installed next to an existing home, we must also have at least 2′ of clearance above the roof line. Example, if you are planning to purchase an 8′ eave unit and it is going to be installed next to an existing home/garage etc., the eave height of your existing structure must be 2′ taller than the eave height of your new metal unit. If upon arrival you are not able to provide these clearances a Labor Charge will be added to your bill if it was not added already when placing your order.