Metal Buildings Glossary

Box Eve Trim

Boxed eve trim is used as a finishing touch on Box Eve Style structures. The trim provides a boxy look on the sides of the structure.

Base Rails

The square tubing on which the legs of the carport sits on. Availble in 12gauge or 14gauge

Concrete Anchors

Anchors used in installations on concrete. Giving the warranty to 90-100 mile wind rate.

Corner Braces

Corner braces help reinforce the structure of the building or carport 4-two foot long corner braces come standard on all structures, and more are available at an additional cost.

Double Truss

Double trusses are used in our triple wide structures, which begin at 26 feet to 30 feet wide, and are designed to provide additional support.

Gable End

A Horizontal Panel that covers from the peak of the building to the eve of the building. Gable Ends can be installed Vertically at an additional cost.

Garage Roll Up Door

The garage doors roll up into a cylinder above the opening rather than pulled back along a track.


Headers are placed at the top of the door frame when an opening or garage door on the side is requested. They eliminate as many post needed. NOTE: They also take away 1 foot height of clearance.


J-Trim is used as decorative trim around walk-in doors, windows, and vents.


L-Trim is used as decoration on the ends of Classical Style structures to provide a finished look. L-Trim is also used around the edges of garage doors and portions of the Boxed Eve Style structures.


Legs are the lengths of square tubing that elevate the top portion of the structure.


Optional window is 30” x 30”.

Walk-In Doors

Optional walk in door size is 36” x 72”. Can also have 36″ x 80″ upon request.

Mobile Home Anchors

30″ long Mobile home anchors are used strictly for ground installations. Giving the warranty to 90-100 mile wind rate.


Paneling is 29-gauge steel and comes in standard lengths of 21’, 26’, and 31’ and in thirteen different colors (available at no additional cost).


14-gauge square tubing comes standard but customer can upgrade and make structure stronger by using 12-gauge square tubing. 12 gauge also comes with a 20-year rustproof warranty on framing of structure.


Rebar anchors are approximately 3 foot long pieces of rebar with a 5/8” nut welded on one end. Rebar anchors are used as a temporary anchors.

Ridge Cap

Ridge caps are used on Vertical Style structure roofs only to cover the gap at the peak of the roof, where the separate roofing panels meet.


A truss is a single piece of square tubing bent to make the roof of a structure.