Metal Buildings


Classical Style Metal Buildings perfect for your RV’sClassical Style Prefab Metal Buildings

This style has rounded corners with a 6″ overhang on each end but no overhang on the sides. Horizontal corrugation sheeting for roof and sides  Perfect for RV’s or to store hay.

Boxed Eve Style Metal Buildings Ideal for Keeping VehiclesBoxed Eve Style Prefab Metal Buildings

This style has square corners with a 6″ overhang around the sides and ends. The corrugation of the sheeting on the roof, sides and ends is also horizontal like the Classical Style. Also comes with its own boxed eve trim for a really sharp, finished look.

Vertical Style Gives Metal Buildings High StrengthVertical Style Prefab Metal Buildings

Vertical style units also have sharp corners but the corrugation of the sheeting on the roof and sides are vertical. This style is highly recommended in areas with any to high snow loads for better water and snow run-off. It’s design gives the building greater strength and stability.

Country Style Metal Buildings Great for Farm UseCountry Style Prefab Metal Buildings

A building that has one or two leans attached to the main structure. Available in either the Box Eave style or our most popular Vertical style. Great for farm use or just to give  your building that country-style touch.

Warehouses Metal Buildings for Storing MoreWarehouses – Large Prefab Metal Buildings

Any building that is 32 feet and over is considered a warehouse. These buildings come in a vertical style only and are made with only our top grade 12-guage tubing with a web design system.

Industrial and Commercial Prefab Steel Buildings projects upon request.

All Steel Buildings Include:

  • Free Installation (on level land)
  • 29 Gauge Steel Roofing
  • 4 Corner Braces
  • All Center Braces
  • 13 Colors Available (see chart below)
  • Temporary Rebar Anchors

Get Metal Buildings in Different Colors

Optional Add-Ons for Your Steel Buildings:

  • Large Sizes (40-60 foot or custom sizes quoted upon request)
  • 2 1/4″ 12 guage ftrame tubing (20 year warranty)
  • Energy-efficient Sky Lights (for vertical style buildings only)
  • Insulation (low profile reflective insulation now available for only $1.50 per square foot)
  • Anchoring Systems: Mobile Home Anchor for Ground Installation Available at $35
  • Concrete Anchor Available at $15
  • Free Rebar Pin Anchor (temporary only, no warranty)

Anchor Concrete Add-on for Your Metal BuildingsMetal Buildings Anchor Freepin Add-onGet Metal Buildings Add-on Anchor MobilehomeSkyights Add-on for Large Metal